Produkttest in der Forst & Technik

Herr Höllerl von den Zeitschrift Forst & Technik hat unseren Blackwood No. 3 incl. des Jojos und des Gürtelclips einem ausgiebigen Produkttest unterzogen. Das Ergbnis ist eindeutig:


Das Resume eines Testers „Ich finde, Sie haben da ein tolles Produkt auf den Markt gebracht und darüber darf man auch mal etwas mehr schreiben!“

Ein herzliches Dankeschön an Herrn Höllerl und seine fleißigen Produkttester.

English Version:

Mr. Höllerl of the journal Forst & Technik has published a product test of our Blackwood No. 3 incl. the Jojo and the belt clip. A short summary of the articel:

„We have looked closely at the product. We have the product tested by a team of forest worker over several months.

While many known systems pinch the marking crayon similar to a mechanical pencil, the Blackwood No. 3 works according to the principle of a lipstick. The mechanism requires a good fit between the crayon and the guideing elements. The Sytsem is designed for Lyra products. There are other manufacturers whose chalks – though also indicated as 12 mm – are somewhat thinner. This creates a clearance, which in the extreme case causes the chalk to turn round and is no longer transported further.

Due to the Jojo and the belt clip, we didn’t loose one single blackwood during the test period. All in all, the blackwood with its metal housing is a very long life. The guys from the test team even got their names engraved in their verry own blackwood.“